About SeentralPark

Welcome to Seentral Park. (Image of a plump squirrel from the park and illustrations of him pointing and rolling along) Follow me to find cool stuff. Let's roll!
Mr. Squish E. – Your Guide through SeentralPark

SeentralPark is the first of many LAREs from OmegaOrtega. This one is based in and around the Central Park of New York City. The goal of SeentralPark is to add an augmented layer to the park experience. One that tells a particular narrative based around a certain theme. While we plan to start with one theme, the goal is to have many narratives that the participant can choose from to suit their preferences: Unicorns, dragons, mermaids, etc.

We’ve seen how the real world can oft be cruel and vicious, letting us down from the happy things we dreamt of as children. Therefore, we want to encourage people to visit beautiful places, like Central Park, and while they’re there, participate in an experience that brings those happier things to life. Children (and the child within adults) deserve the chance to experience their dreams come to life and with SeentralPark we hope they will.

SeentralPark leverages Niantic’s Lightship ARDK atop the Unity platform to reach mobile devices (both iPhone and Android). In addition to that we utilize Blender for 3D content. We have some ideas for other tools as well, but we’ll need to do some further investigation before we announce them.